12 Million Orphans

12 Million Orphans LogoThere are over 12 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa – and the number is growing rapidly!

Behind the joyful sounds and beautiful smiling faces of The African Children’s Choir lies a cause, a need so great that by becoming part of the choir lives are changed, dreams are fulfilled, and hope is given.

These children have come from nothing – from the poorest and most dangerous places in Africa, where many have lost one, if not both parents to HIV AIDS.

Before joining the choir these children’s lives were filled with sorrow, misery – no goals, no encouragement – just a life of survival from one day to the next.

At The African Children’s Choir, we believe in ‘Helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow’.

By becoming part of the choir the children are given the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty that they are brought up in, and enrich their lives through education and experience. Our aim is to provide these children with the skills and tools needed to better their own future, and therefore the future of their communities and country.

After the experience of a life time touring around the world with a choir, the children return home to a quality education. This education builds upon the international learning experiences, and character building that they have already established through touring.

The African Children’s Choir really has been a life line for 1,000’s of Africa’s most vulnerable children, and has seen many to go on to become Doctors, Teachers and Engineers – giving back vital skills to improve their home countries.

It’s not only the choir children who benefit from the work we do. The money raised through touring the choirs has helped us fund other relief projects, reaching out to many more orphaned and vulnerable children. We have set up a primary school, Music for Life Centres, and most recently a Music for Life Literacy Centre that concentrates on children aged between 4-6, supplying them with a much needed quality early stage education.

The children of the choir are beautiful, talented and inspiring – but we must not forget the remaining 12 million, and counting, orphaned and vulnerable children who are still in dire need of our support. The African Children’s Choir sing for them – allowing the ever growing number of suffering children back in Africa a voice to be heard around the world.