Music For Life Centers

Smiling children in a Music for Life Center Camp

Smiling children in a Music for Life Center Camp

Music and dance have proven to transcend life’s difficulties. The children you may have seen in a Choir concert are full of vibrant energy despite the desolate circumstances they have come from.

To bring a similar experience to children outside the Choir program, Music for Life partners with community schools in Uganda and Kenya to establish Music for Life Centres.

The Music for Life Centres offer an after-school programme once a week that includes music and dance, arts and crafts, life skills training, homework help and one-on-one interaction between the children and Centre volunteers. The knowledge that someone cares, and has the time to listen, has a tremendous impact on the children, not to mention the opportunity to “just be kids” and forget about their daily struggles for a few hours.

The results are tangible as the quiet, shy children transform into enthusiastic, energetic children full of laughter and love. Teachers notice increased confidence, better academic performance and growing leadership skills in the children.

There are currently Music for Life Centres in Uganda and Kenya. Each centre has approximately 50 children attending each week. Each Music for Life Centre provides a meal or snack as well. For many of the children, this is the only meal they will eat that day.