Ray’s Voice

The Fisherman

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time, as if God had sent you there for a purpose? Read how a fisherman changed Ray’s life forever…

Ray’s trip to Uganda and Rwanda

Ray Barnett, Founder and CEO of Music for Life and the African Children’s Choir recently visited Uganda and Rwanda, reuniting him with past Choir members…

St.Patrick’s Day Downloads

In celebration of St.Patrick’s Day we would like to offer you the opportunity to download some delightful Irish music sung by the Choir…

The story of Choir 2 – Part One

The civil war was upon Uganda, fear and uncertainty filled the air, but for Ray Barnett and The African Children’s Choir team it was a time of hope and joy, as the second choir were ready to embark on their first tour, but a challenge lay before them – getting the children across the border […]

The boy that inspired it all

After Idi Amin was driven out of Uganda, British journalist Dan Wooding and humanitarian Ray Barnett travelled to the broken country to research a book, which they later published, called The Ugandan Holocaust. Whilst preparing to leave the home village of the late Archbishop Janani Luwum, a place called Mucwini, a local woman ran over […]

Faith will bring you home

Welcome to Ray’s Blog. Here we ask you to join us as we explore Ray’s life journey of inspiration and faith. Ray will take us back over his thrilling, emotional and motivational years – from working behind the iron curtain to forming the African Children’s Choir and beyond. We are going to feature stories from […]

Welcome to Ray’s Voice

Many of you know Ray as ‘Daddy Ray’, the founder of The African Children’s Choir, who has helped improve the lives of many African orphans and vulnerable children. He is the CEO of Music for Life, the parent charity of The African Children’s Choir which has raised funds to help educate over 52,000 children in […]