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Why Empower International Academy

Africa’s future depends on the next generation of Christian leaders, yet across East Africa, able and talented young people do not have access to a quality education. Those who are fortunate enough to attend secondary school receive a substandard education due to the lack of resources, poor teaching methods, and outdated curriculum.

We believe a high standard education, mentorship, discipleship and character development is the best investment we can make to create exponential positive change in the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries. Our hope is to set a standard of excellence for other schools to model so they can modify curricula and teaching methods to create progressive learning environments.

The Need

Many of the problems facing East African communities stem from the lack of affordable high-quality education.

The focus on primary literacy programmes and basic education has significantly increased adult literacy percentages, but the majority of the population lack the appropriate education and training needed to compete for high-paying jobs and to help contribute to innovative approaches to societal improvement and economic development.

A shift toward a globally competitive education system with sustainable scholarship and fee structures will lead to long-term fundamental change and will empower local citizens to capitalise on emerging economic development.


£41,350 operating costs
additional girls dorms
additional boys dorms

(amounts converted from USD)


The Campus

At full capacity, Empower International Academy will serve approximately 400 students. Our goal is to offer placement for 200 sponsored students from economically disadvantaged circumstances. International schools are currently available in East Africa, but with extremely high tuition, only the elite can afford to attend. We believe we can market our programme to students from middle to upper-class families who would love to obtain an international Christian education at a moderate tuition level.

This approach will create a profitable operation that doesn’t just offset our operation costs but could allow for future expansion. We will instil a sense of compassion and responsibility in all of our students to create positive change amongst their spheres of influence.

What We Have

  • 15 acres of picturesque land 35 km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.
  • Complete architectural, structural designs and project management provided by Engineering Ministries International East Africa (eMi EA).
  • All design and construction plans approved by local district authorities and building permits issued.
  • A £575,000 USD grant awarded by USAID through the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA),
  • A confirmed sustainable clean well water supply donated by Living Water International. Two well water boreholes drilled and capped with hand pumps. This water is currently a clean water source being utilised by the local community.

Education Experience

Since 1984 Music for Life has been educating children in need through the construction of school campuses and child sponsorship. The African Children’s Choir Primary School, our flagship primary boarding school, is located in Uganda and is home to the children who have toured in our Choir programme. Construction of this facility began in 2008 and it is currently a thriving campus with over 110 students. At the African Children’s Choir Primary School, we provide not only a first-class education but one that encourages personal development, empowering the children to become well-rounded leaders.

This new secondary school will support our mission to provide quality education, leadership skills and character development needed throughout a student’s secondary academic career.

The proposed secondary school is a joint project between Empower African Children (EAC) and Music for Life (MFL) that will accommodate up to 400 students, all of whom are envisaged to be boarding students.

The School

Empower International Academy is a secondary-level boarding school with the vision of realising the promise of Africa’s youth by providing education and personal development based on the following values:

    • Education Excellence: Creating critical thinkers and problem solvers who possess the knowledge and abilities to compete globally.
    • Creative Expression: Promoting self-discovery, creativity, performing arts, and the pursuit of new ideas and better ways of doing things.
    • Christian Character: Developing students’ inner selves based on a Christ-centred foundation that creates a desire to do what’s right.
    • Community Service: Building a commitment to serving others in their families, communities, and nation to drive them to make the world a better place.
    • Communication: Creating excellent communicators with the ability to speak, write, and interact with the public in a professional manner.
    • Career Development: Focusing on preparing students for the workplace so they can become productive members of society.

Personnel & Partners Involved in Preliminary Stages of the Project


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