Taylor Kitsch Video

Taylor Kitsch of Xmen

Taylor Kitsch of Xmen

We are delighted to release this stunning short film produced for us by ‘X-Men’ actor, Taylor Kitsch.

Taylor first started working with the African Children’s Choir five years ago after witnessing first-hand the life-changing impact we have on thousands of vulnerable African children. Taylor has since been an active ambassador for the African Children’s Choir, hosting fundraising events and creating this video to raise awareness.

The video sees Taylor visiting many of our Music for Life projects across UgandaRwandaKenya and the Republic of Sudan over a 17 day trip. In the footage, which features the David Gray track “Who’s Singing Now”, Kitsch can be seen teaching children in an outdoor classroom and walking through a shanty town with a local child. The film also captures the beauty, dignity and unlimited ability of the African children, which was the vision behind the creation of the first Choir, as our founder Ray Barnett wanted to show the western world the positives and potential of these suffering children.

Also featured in the video is Dr Robert Kalyesubula. Dr Robert toured with the 2nd African Children’s Choir back in 1985 as a young boy. Thanks to the financial sponsorship of his education by the Choir program, Dr Robert went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Internal Medicine. He now practices in the village he was born in and is a shining example of how the African Children’s Choir helps Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow.

Talking about the purpose of the video Taylor said “I journeyed throughout Africa with the ‘ACC’ to try and capture that same energy that has enveloped me…to inspire hope through the children and the people that continue to make a difference throughout, to show a glimpse into the things they’ve done and continue to do”

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We would like as many people as possible to see this video so we can show the world the inspirational work of the African Children’s Choir and Music for Life, to gain the support and funding we need to allow us to continue transforming the lives of in-need children; creating ChangeMakers for the future of Africa.

If this video has inspired you to support us in our continued efforts to educate and support Africa’s most vulnerable children please donate today. Or, if you are interested in becoming a regular supporter please read more about the opportunity to become a Friend of the Choir.

Thank you to Taylor Kitsch for this beautiful film and your continued support.