Dear Friends,

We are all praying that you and your family are healthy, safe and seeking guidance from the Lord as we all adjust to the ever evolving dynamic circumstances around the globe. 

Many people in Africa live in extremely crowded conditions, they survive hand to mouth, the health care systems are ill equipped to deal with this crises. Few confirmed cases of the Corona Virus have been reported. Please pray that this virus doesn’t take hold in Africa.

Governments in Africa have responded to the COVID crises by putting in place restrictions, curfews and encouraging people to stay home. 

Like elsewhere in the world our schools have had to temporarily close and our students are at home with their families.

Our leadership team in Africa are in contact with the children in our care to educate them and their families about safety and health measures. We are also monitoring physical needs.  

Our touring choir is healthy and safe at our North Carolina Base.

Thank you for your continued support through this very challenging time. We are praying and trusting God will see us through


Scott Lambie

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