Friend of the Choir

Become a Friend of the Choir and make a difference!

The ‘Friend of the Choir’ is a giving program. Individuals, Groups, Schools, Churches and Organizations can choose a monthly pledge or annual donation to partner with the African Children’s Choir financially and help us meet needs where help is needed most.

Bake-Sales, School Concerts and children together.

Schools, Groups, Churches and Organisations

The ‘Friend of the Choir’ programme also encourages Schools, Groups, Churches and Organisations to get involved. Depending on the size of your organisation the annual donation could be achieved by a simple non-uniform day or sponsored event. Being a ‘Friend of the Choir’ provides the opportunity to organise shared venues or workshops with other ‘Friends’ as well as meet and greet opportunities. You can follow the progress the Choir and their work in Africa and the impact on the lives of the children their work is having and help Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow!

The proceeds from the Friend of the Choir programme help children in Africa in several key ways: The Choir is more than a just a touring choir; we represent and supports thousands of vulnerable children in Africa. In 2006, a UN AIDS report estimated there were over 12 million children orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa. Since then the number has risen to unthinkable levels. The African Children’s Choir is a voice for the millions of vulnerable children back home in Africa.

A group image of the African Children's Choir

Communicating the needs of many

The touring choir creates awareness and communicates the needs of many through music, dance and testimonies. Friend of the Choir funding helps our children continue to represent vulnerable children by covering expenses related to our touring programme including:

  • Choir selection, choir training and touring costs
  • Clothing, food
  • Medical, household supplies, travel expenses
An early African Children's Choir

How do ‘Friends of the Choir’ benefit:

  • Pre-release access to new music and videos
  • Regular electronic Choir updates
  • Stories and photos from our ChangeMakers
A view down an alley in the Kibera slum in Kenya

Help where it’s needed the most

The African Children’s Choir operates field programmes that promote education and spiritual development for children and communities. We have established education and training programmes in some of the most war torn and under developed areas of Africa, serving generations of young men and women who would otherwise be lost in the wake of destruction, famine and poverty.

Children eagerly learning in a classroom

You can make a difference today

Your monthly donation will be used in a positive way to help shape the changemakers of the future by providing:

  • Training programmes, education supplies and staffing
  • Textbooks, classroom materials
  • Medical, household supplies and travel expenses
  • Leadership development training
  • Specialised Camps
  • Workshops, skills training and counselling