On this page you can find a package containing several different electronic formats of our logo, to be used in various common graphic design packages, Microsoft Products as well as variations for light and dark backgrounds.  These files have been compressed into a .zip archive.  Most modern operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX are able to open .zip files automatically.  If your operating system is not able to open them, we suggest that you look at 7-Zip which is an open source utility that has a version that will run on most operating systems.

NOTE: This package contains two .emf (enhanced metafiles) to be used in Microsoft Word, do not use any of the other formats in Microsoft Word as they will not render sharply.

We are proud of our logo, as we feel it represents the color, energy and vibrance of the African Children’s Choir, and have compiled a Usage Guideline document that we request you adhere to when using our logo on any print or web material.  We ask that you follow and respect the prescriptions in this guideline which you can download here.

Note, we are not endorsing any product mentioned on this page, simply offering information. We have no relationship to the people who product 7-Zip. It is your responsibility to research and determine if this product is appropriate for your computer, and Music for Life are not responsible for your use of the product or any damage that its use may cause you or your computer.

About our logo

The African Children’s Choir logo was created to express the idea of an active group of energetic, colourful young people.

It is deliberately upbeat and joyful in feel and the colours were chosen to express the ‘African-ness’ of the group.

It is unique and now indelibly associated with the African Children’s Choir.

It’s other important quality is that it works in every situation from a letterhead to a lapel pin, from a colourful confident design on clothing to the side of a 50 seater bus.