30 Year Celebrations

ACC 30 year celebrationsThe African Children’s Choir celebrated three decades of change making. This took place at the African Children’s Choir Primary School, in Uganda, where touring Choir children return to start their quality education.

ACC 30 year celebrationsThe three day celebration over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, was filled with music, dance and a reminiscing of olden days. Our founder, Ray Barnett, addressed the audience, sharing his future dreams for the organisation.

With performances that blew the crowds away, the Children’s Choirs, School Choir and Alumni Choir (Young Africans) entertained the crowd with performances of singing, creative and traditional dances.

Under the theme “30 Years of Change Makers” the former Choir children presented a skit on the humble beginnings of the African Children’s Choir and how Choir children were selected into the Choir. This was one of the many performances that left Daddy Ray, along with the invited guests and alumni, amused.

With a beautiful poem entitled “Once But Now”, Amanda Rachael, a secondary school student wowed the audience, as she expressed gratitude to ‘Daddy Ray’ on behalf of the alumni. (Scroll down for video!)

ACC 30 year celebrationsIn a heartfelt speech, Ray Barnett recalled the time at which the organisation was formed. That in the most difficult and challenging time of the Civil War, God enabled him realise a dream that seemed an impossibility. He says, “Everything we shared in the vision before we even had a penny has come to pass.” And now at the 30 year mark of the organisation, Daddy Ray still has bigger dreams going for the African Children’s Choir, whom he refers to as family. “I believe that the African child is beautiful, dignified and has unlimited ability and can change the world,” he comments. And he adds, “These children can change if we give them a chance.”


Further more, there was breaking ground at the African Children’s Choir Primary School, where a new training facility will soon be established.

During the Saturday celebrations, former chaperones reunited with their Choir children, sharing unforgettable tour memories. Together they sang, danced and ate. To sum up the Saturday celebrations, each Choir was presented with a beautiful cake, which they all shared.

ACC 30 year celebrationsIt was a time full of joy and gratitude as many people from the organisation’s past, present and future came together to celebrate the last 30 years, and look forward to the next.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the last 30 years, together we will continue to create ChangeMakers for the future of Africa, for the next 30 years – and beyond!

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