#30for30 – Anthony

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Anthony Shisia Were was born to an Alcoholic father, his mother struggled as she was deaf. After the separation of his parents at the age of two, life became difficult for his single mother, who was finding it hard to make ends meet. He was sickly and malnourished but by God’s Grace Anthony was discovered by African Children’s Choir in Kibera slums, Kenya.

With a God given opportunity to travel with the choir, Anthony had his life make a complete turn, and in 1990, he toured with the sixth choir.

He acknowledges that, “joining the Choir changed my entire life! My health improved and my education was secured.”

“My horizons were opened up and widened! But best of all – I met Jesus as my Lord and Savior! Thanks Daddy Ray and the ACC,” he continues.

Grateful that with the help of the ACC, he was able to pursue an education until collage, Anthony comments that it would have been a pipe dream, had he not joined the Choir. “I might have ended up just like any other street child in Kenya under the influence of drugs and crime or destitute for life!” he adds.

While at collage, Anthony majored in Broadcast Journalism, after which he was privileged to work for Nation Media Group-one of the largest Media House in East Africa, for a period of two and a half years, as a radio reporter.

Today, he is making a difference in his community. Anthony founded a ministry to help Street boys get off the streets and off drugs and to help those who want to return home, get a second chance at life.

He also is the Programs Director for a new camp ministry that his church has just started building on a 15 acre piece of land.

“ACC was the hand that God used to shape and mold me and prepare me for the work I now do. I would have never understood Charity and compassion the way I do –if the choir had not first shown it to me!” he gladly points out.

This ChangeMaker concludes that, “I point young ones from broken homes in a broken world to the only true Hope- Jesus Christ! And then I also tell people that they can be the hands and feet of God if they really want to help children and advance the gospel.”

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