#30for30 – Barnett


Barnett is from a village called Kabale, which is in Western Uganda, he joined the fifth African Children’s Choir in 1989.

He says that his memory of tour is that of the beautiful and loving host families he stayed with. He says that these made him enjoy travelling with the Choir.

“It was a wonderful opportunity seeing the world in comparison to Uganda, he speaks. “This motivated me to have bigger dreams and goals in life,” he adds.

At school, Barnett fell in love with Tourism and Travelling. Today, he works with the African Children’s Choir Training Academy as the Children’s Program’s Coordinator. “I love working with children,” he adds.

33 year old Barnett is also married, with two adorable children. He likes to socialise with people, and enjoys listening to stories.

Speaking about work, Barnett comments, “one thing I love about my work is that being a part of the children’s training, tour, and school life, reminds me of who I once was at that age, and how far God has brought me.”

He now helps run the Music For Life centre programme in Kampala, which reaches out to community schools in slum areas, making a difference in thousands of children’s lives. This he also says has not only enabled him to get university students under this programme to stay focused, but advise them on how to live exemplary lives as future leaders.

Barnett finally says, “The ACC has raised me and made me find my passion in life, which is working with children.”

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