#30for30 – Charles


Charles Choir 10


Charles Ng’ang’a became a part of the African Children’s Choir family way back in 1993, touring with the 10th choir. In 1995 he was among the lucky few to go back on tour with the first mixed Choir of children from Kenya and Uganda.

On returning home Charles joined Kaptagat Preparatory School, located in his home town Eldoret, where he was appointed assistant class representative. Academically, he was gleaming and eventually passed with flying colours in the final National Exams.

Later in 2001, Charles joined Nairobi School, which is classified as a National School in Kenya, one of the very best. He chaired various student clubs, but most notably the Drama Club and the Rugby Team Club.

After completing his Secondary Level Education, his good performance landed him to one of Kenya’s finest universities, The University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

He says, “I graduated from University and later landed my first job, as a Manager with a building and cilvil engineering contractor.’ He currently works in a managerial role in the Engineering and Construction industry.

His dream is to inspire those around him. ‘I believe that without the ACC my life would have been so different from what it is now,” he comments. And adds that, “I wouldn’t trade what I have with the ACC for anything in the world. It is more than family.”

In his free time, Charles loves going out and meeting new friends. He is also passionate about sports, mostly Rugby and Football. In appreciation he lastly says, “I believe the work of the African Children’s Choir, has made a remarkable change in the lives of so many African families.

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