#30for30 – Eva




“Joining the Choir was a God given chance,” Eva declares.

Eva Nalukwago is currently heading the Music For Life centres. Reaching this far has been a miraculous journey, that she says began when she joined the choir.

Born in a family of five children, Eva is the youngest. Her father having lost his job, at the age of six, she was left with no option but to stay with her grandmother. Life at her grandmother’s did not get any easier for little Eva. She was living with her extended family and had to do all the heavy chores by herself. This left her a miserable child.

Eva’s talent and love for music is a gift that was identified by the choir trainers when they visited her primary school. She eventually joined the choir.

Eva says, “Joining the choir was a relief for me because I found love, happiness and food to eat on a daily basis.”

Twenty seven year old Eva toured with choir twelve back in 1995. It is her tour experience that opened wide her eyes to becoming goal oriented.  Living her everyday life, the jolly Eva loves to see everyone around her happy, something she says the choir had offered her. “My greatest joy is to see others smile. I encourage or help them when I can,” she smiles.

She then explains that her childhood dream was to become a doctor, but since she was not a master at sciences, she ended up in the business world with a degree in Procurement and supply Management from Makerere University Business School.

While growing up in school, Eva was always encouraged to be a job creator. Today, she owns an Art and crafts shop in Kampala, called Zuri. Her love for music, dance and children, enabled her chaperone a choir in 2011, and has done so with two others. Standing on different stages before thousands of people gave her confidence. She confirms that it opened her mind to working hard for a better life. She also remarks that her inspiration is drawn from all African Children’s Choir members who have made it big in life, with beautiful homes and happy families. “They inspire me to work even harder,” she notes.

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