#30for30 – Moses and Delaney

Moses & Delaney


We couldn’t tell our 30 year story without mentioning our sponsors. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to educate over 52,000 vulnerable children!

Thanks to Delaney’s family sponsoring Moses he is now a top student at his secondary school, a prefect, a leader!

Here is their story in Delaney’s words…

“When I was nine years old, The African Children’s Choir came to Ohio and performed at my church. My family hosted three boys from the choir. We decided to sponsor one of them, Moses, because the other two already had sponsors. That was 10 years ago and we have been sponsoring him ever since then.

Moses has been considered part of our family for a long time. We really look forward to his letters, and being able to write to him. He is such an intelligent and sweet boy. My boyfriend and I travelled from Ohio to Uganda in May, and were given the crazy opportunity of being able to see Moses again. We were able to spend a few hours with him and tour The African Children’s Choir facility.

Every person that we met there was so friendly. The facility was really nice and well organised. We were able to meet the kids of the current choir and see them perform. They were so amazing, and all were so happy. It was such a welcoming environment and an experience we will never forget. The feeling of being able to see Moses again after 10 years is indescribable.

The program is not only an amazing opportunity for the children being sponsored, but also for those sponsoring. We want to thank The African Children’s Choir for allowing us to have this experience, and also for doing such a great thing for these children. They are given the chance to have a good education and bright future.”

Delaney, 19

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