#30for30 – Nancy

Nancy Choir 12



Nancy Birungi of Uganda toured with Choir 12 and was inspired to study Law by one of her Choir chaperones.

“It was a seed planted in me at a young age and I knew that I would not settle for anything else but the legal profession” Nancy said.

Prior to being selected to join the Choir in 1994, Nancy lived in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, with her mother and five siblings.

“Life was extremely difficult,” she recalls. “Before joining the Choir I ardently attended a school because we were fed there. The food was nicer and much better than what we had at home.”

“When I travelled with the Choir I realised there were people who cared about me and my future,” she continued. “More astonishingly, these people were complete strangers who believed we could have a better future. They changed my destiny.”

After touring with the Choir Nancy completed primary school and went on to attend one of the best secondary schools in the nation (King’s College Budo) through ACC sponsorships. She then went on to study law at Makerere University. After earning a Bachelor of Law degree from Makerere, she attended the Law Development Centre where she earned her Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Nancy became eligible to practice law in the courts of Uganda in June 2014.

“I’m fascinated by the concepts of the law, justice, right and wrong,” she said. “As a lawyer, I get to help people solve their problems, and it gives me satisfaction knowing that I’m making a difference.”

In addition to dealing in commercial law, Nancy is part of a group of Christian lawyers who give free legal advice to those who can’t afford it, like women and prison inmates.