30years, 30miles, 30k

It’s absolutely fantastic when supporters of Music For Life and The African Children’s Choir, take the initiative and come up with a plan where they personally fundraise for our work in Africa. One such couple, Scott and Sarah Lambie, have hatched a plan and set a target to raise $30,000.

In celebration of 30 years of The African Children’s Choir, Sarah is planning to run 30 miles in thirty days. Husband, Scott, plans to shave his head on camera. The names of major sponsors will then be inked on to the subject’s bald head. I’m trusting that both Scott and Sarah will have a lot of fun, as well as a sense of fulfilment, as they prepare for and then carry out their plan.  I applaud their efforts and wish them every success.  Achieving this goal would make a huge difference to needy children.

Fortunately, websites like ‘Indiegogo’ and ‘Justgiving’ have made it easier for individuals to come up with creative ways to raise funds for their favourite charities. The African Children’s Choir is a registered and recognised charity on both these sites, so it should be easy to conduct your own personal fundraising campaign on one of them.  As our work reaches out to more and more children, so the costs rise just to make ends meet. Your participation, therefore, would be a great help.  I would like to encourage others to follow the example set by Scott and Sarah and figure out what you could do to fundraise.

You can read Sarah’s story below but why not check out her own official Indiegogo page at the following link:



Sarah Lambie, whose fundraising efforts will help educate children in Africa through Music For Life


Hi. My name is Sarah and I’m on mission to raise money to provide children in Africa with a quality education.

5 years ago our family moved to Uganda to work with the African Children’s Choir. Perhaps you’ve seen these talented children perform in your community. The money raised by the Choir goes toward providing a quality education to thousands of children in Africa.

I plan to run 30 miles to mark the 30 year anniversary of the African Children’s Choir and to raise $30,000 to enable the Choir to educate even more children in the years to come. And, I need to do it in 30 days!

My 30 mile run will take place on September 28th, 2014, here in Uganda. I’ve never run this far before and I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’m determined to do this because like many of you, I believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling communities to be self-reliant.

Follow me on this journey as I document the next 30 days of my training through the streets and villages of Uganda with GoPro videos, photos and stories.

Please make a contribution today and help spread the word about this campaign. Together, we can help educate tomorrow’s change makers!