#30for30 – Catherine




Meet Catherine Macharia, the twenty seven year old was born in Langas, one of the chief slums in Eldoret Kenya.

She joined the African Children’s Choir back in 1993.

“It was a very difficult time for me as a child then, given the fact that I could not go to school.” Catherine says, “Joining the African Children’s Choir was a miracle,” she continues.

Catherine toured with Choirs ten and eleven, something she says was the greatest experience of her life, since she got to meet many great people and share the love of Christ with them. Most importantly, she appreciates belonging to the biggest and most loving family of the African Children’s Choir, where “spiritual nourishment was our daily bread,” she adds.

Early in 2011, Catherine graduated with a Diploma in Nursing and today, she works in the second largest slum in Kenya as a nurse midwife.  She gladly comments, “My greatest joy is when I help various women bring forth life, and witness the newly born make their first cry.”

To Catherine, the nursing experience is what she considers a God given opportunity to change lives and make a difference in various Women’s lives in her community.

She lastly says, “God used the African Children’s Choir to bring out the best in me, and in many other children who are inspiring the world in different ways. God bless the ACC.”

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