ACC visit Plymouth School

The African Children’s Choir make a positive impact wherever they go, touching peoples lives forever. No more so is this evident than when they visit schools. One of the most inspirational moments on tour is seeing the African Children’s Choir positively influence Western children, all the while learning themselves about new cultures and experiences.

Recently the Choir spent time with Students from the Plymouth Public Schools and the South Shore Conservatory. The below guest post is from teacher and long time supporter of the African Children’s Choir – Kathy McMinn, sharing her highlights of the experience.


150 students rehearsed in preparation for two concerts with the African Children’s Choir…

ACC Rehearsal ACC Rehearsal

All the singers had a chance to enjoy a pizza party to get to know one another before performing together…

Pizza party



150 students from Plymouth Schools and the South Shore Conservatory spent the morning playing games with members of the African Children’s Choir. Many thanks to the Plymouth’s No Place For Hate Committee, the National Honor Society, and Interact for making this possible and FUN! Games included side-line soccer, Sharks and Minnows, and our favourite – The Big Clothes Race.

Game photos by Sarah Doyle

FFES fifth graders posed with members of the African Children’s Choir after the games and pizza party.


Hanging out with the African Children’s Choir

Students were asked to think about how they can be a ChangeMaker in the world. They traced their hands and wrote their thoughts. This became a huge banner which was displayed at the concert Saturday night.

IMG_1352 ChangeMakers

In Concert Together

Photos by: Natalie Colbert

IMG_8082 IMG_8077 IMG_8075 IMG_8067 IMG_8057 IMG_8042 ACC in concert

On a field trip together

Enjoying an educational experience for all at Plimoth Plantation – a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, that shows the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony.

Photos by: Keren Jozwiak

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“Having my students perform with the ACC has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career as a music educator.  The level of musicianship that ACC displayed encouraged my singers to strive for excellence. Most important to me was the opportunity it afforded my students to interact and get to know other children from a different culture. It gave them the chance to see themselves as global citizens and to compare their differences and similarities. It made them view themselves in an entirely new light. This experience brought our whole community together.

Our students have been so touched by the experience. One of my students recently had a Birthday party. Instead of presents she asked her guests to bring a donation for ACC. She raised $450. She’s a ChangeMaker.”

If your school would be interested in the unique and life-changing experience of hosting an African Children’s Choir camp please contact us today!