Back packs for Mulago Children


Class from the Music For Life Center, Mulago, Kampala.

Children from the Mulago Music For Life Center in Uganda, pose proudly with their new back packs for carrying their school books. For them, it’s a huge leap forward, since up until now, most had to use flimsy paper bags to try to store and carry their books.

These children recognise that ‘education’ can be a ticket to freedom from poverty and a door opener to a life where their potential can be fully developed. Their school books, therefore, are precious to them and they are delighted to have this means to keep them protected and organised. Music For Life staff in Uganda are grateful to World Vision and Mac Make-up, for donating the packs.



Thrilled to have a proper ‘carrier’ for schoolbooks.


Some children are still without books and pencils and learn by writing on the dust on the ground with a sharp object.