Back to School Appeal

Give to the ‘Back to School Appeal’ today

Dear Friends,

Throughout Africa, where we serve Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Republic of South Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, we are preparing for a new school term.

It is the time of year when we are getting ready for “back to school.” If you are a parent or a student, you know what that means! It’s time for new clothes, new shoes and school supplies. It is difficult to realize that a free education is not available to everyone. It is also difficult to imagine sending a child to school without proper textbooks, notebooks, pencils, clothing or even shoes.

African Children's Choir Primary School

Since 1984 the African Children’s Choir has cared for and educated thousands upon thousands of children. Our belief has been that this investment is the most powerful way to break the cycle of poverty. Our ongoing focus on education has produced a generation of young African adults who are making a significant and positive impact in their communities.

“Back to school” is the time of year when our financial commitments spike significantly. At this time we need the extra help to make sure our children go back to school equipped with all they need to be successful. Our continued desire is that they also will become ChangeMakers in their communities.

We ask a lot of you, our extended family and friends of the Choir because we know you also believe that by helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, they will be equipped to help Africa tomorrow. We are all aware of what a major commitment it is to educate our children here in the western world. Where our children are in Africa, this commitment is multiplied many times over.

We can easily get an idea of the cost of school clothes and supplies by checking out the local supermarkets. If you have children, you already know how much it all costs even in the most cost effective stores. Follows is a list of the local costs of some of the items needed:

School Uniform: £20
School Shoes: £13
Play Shoes: £16
Socks: £3
Underwear: £3
School Bag: £10
Work Books per Box: £39
Text Books per Box: £260

18 Students get high marks (2)

Your investment over this past 29 years has enabled our graduates to become ChangeMakers. As these young people have been helped, they are reaching out to help others. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to assist with these pressing needs.

If you can, please DONATE TODAY, to enable us to equip the future leaders of Africa as they start this new school term. Your donation, whether it be for one book, or a box of books for an entire class, will help Africa’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Africa tomorrow.

For the Children,
Ray Barnett
President – The African Children’s Choir