Choir 47 Begins N.A. Tour

Our 47th African Children’s Choir launched their North American tour just a few weeks ago, with 19 of the most adorable, passionate and talented children we’ve ever met. Kids like 8-year-old Joshua (“Big Josh”), 8-year-old Flavia, and 8-year-old Jeremiah are winding their way through the U.S. and Canada.




Joshua, who wants to be a pastor when he grows up, can’t wait to begin sharing the Gospel by singing and drumming worship music on stages throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Until joining the Choir, Flavia had never left her village in Uganda where she and her five siblings helped her parents tend to a farm. Flavia can’t wait to see snow for the first time.

Jeremiah, a natural born comedian, enjoys performing for an audience almost as much as he loves playing football and Legos.

The African Children’s Choir is composed of African children living in extreme poverty. As Choir members, they represent all the children of the continent and their potential to rise up as leaders who will transform their families, communities, and countries.

By touring around the world, the Choir raises awareness of the plight of impoverished children in Africa. They also raise sponsorship fees to ensure that they, and hundreds of other children like them, have access to a quality education along with ongoing mentoring and discipleship opportunities.

The world-renowned African Children’s Choir delivers a high-caliber performance and unique cultural experience that’s both informative and entertaining for the whole family.

We hope you’ll have a chance to meet Joshua, Flavia, Jeremiah and their 16 other Choir mates at one of Choir 47’s performances this year! Click here now for a list of tour dates and locations.