Graduation Celebration

We all know how much work, dedication and discipline it takes to obtain a University Degree. Makerere University is known to be one of East Africa’s most prestigious schools and this year we celebrate four members who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies.  Sharifah Nabakooza, Special Nabisuubi, Edwin Muyise and Daniel Musafiri, all graduated from Makerere University.

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Both Sharifah and Edwin travelled with Choir 19 back in 2000. Through hard work and great dedication toward their academics they have managed to rise above their challenges to succeed. Sharifah graduated with a degree in Social Work and Social Administration, while Edwin made his dream a reality with a degree in Quantitative Economics

“I am grateful to be a part of the program that has made me become the person I am today,” says the overjoyed Sharifah.

Special, who toured with Choir 17 and Choir 20 as a child and will soon be travelling as a chaperone with Choir 43, graduated with a Business Degree in Accounting

Daniel Musafiri travelled with Choir 21 and today he is a graduate with a Degree in Commerce.

Danny, Sharifah, Special and Edwin, are all making a change in their community, bringing the vision of the African Children’s Choir to light in whatever fields they have chosen to take on. Congratulations to all from the Music for Life and ACC family.

We strongly believed education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling communities to be self-reliant.

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