Job Shadowing in Australia


Ubuntu toured Australia for three months this spring, performing 28 concerts and hosting 21 workshops. The group had the special honour of performing for the Department of Foreign Affairs staff, as well as dignitaries in Canberra and at the Collingwood President’s Club. In addition to their performances, members of Ubuntu had the privilege of interacting with the people of Australia in a number of special ways.

post4As they travelled across Australia, their hosts facilitated various job shadowing opportunities for the young adults to participate in. Members of Ubuntu would spend a day paired with professionals in their field of interest to experience how Australians approach their careers. They visited law offices, courtrooms, hospitals, bakeries, art galleries, and schools. This aspect of their tour proved to be a highlight for the team, each one of them gaining significant insight into the sectors where they hope to one day work.

Amanda wrote of the experience:

“Every time we choose to look beyond ourselves and our tiny worlds, and step out of our comfort zone, we can be empowered. Every time we opt for a bit of discomfort, even just a little awkwardness, we can grow. We can realise that life is far bigger than us – much grander than our problems, losses, and selfish wants. We can learn that satisfaction or fulfillment is not attained from material things but from the beauty of compassion, the choice to rejoice and the experience of genuine friendship.”

Ultimately, the team was able to get a glimpse into their own futures through the lens of a different culture, and the new friends they made along the way impacted them deeply.