Joseph is making a change…


Joseph then, in Choir 7, and now.


36 year old Joseph Kilonzo Kananda comes from Machakos, Kenya. He toured with Choirs seven and eight.

With support from the African Children’s Choir, Joseph completed his higher education with a Diploma in Computer Science. “Before joining the African Children’s Choir, I did not have any dreams in life because education seemed like an impossibility, but now I have become someone in life thanks to the ACC,” Joseph says.

Today, Joseph is a Software Engineer, and has been successful in the industry for the last ten years. He is happily married with two lovely children, a boy and a girl.

This ChangeMaker is giving back to his community by supporting five other individuals through their education. He proudly says “One of the children that I support will be joining University this September.” His biggest dream is to see Kenyan children living a better life. He therefore helps create and secure jobs for the youths in his community.

We are so proud of Joseph and all our former Choir members – making a difference in the communities they came from, creating a better future for Africa!

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