Lilian opens school

Meet Lilian, an alumni of the first African Children’s Choir.

Having received her education through the African Children’s Choir program, Lilian’s dream was to give the same opportunity to other vulnerable children.

For Lilian, joining the African Children’s Choir was life-changing. “The Choir empowers African children to study and have a better life that is not dependent on handouts.” Lilian reveals.

After attaining her first degree in International Business Management and later a Masters, Lilian decided to chase after her childhood dreams of becoming a Teacher. She now holds a degree in Education.

Lilian further speaks of her love for teaching saying, “ I love to teach every little new piece of information I learn.”

In 2013, Lilian’s dream for a Christian based curriculum being introduced to Uganda was made a reality. After acquiring the necessary training, she opened up her own school, Genesis Christian Academy, which has approximately 35 students, from ages one and a half to ten years. “The main aim of founding this school was for our children to know their God given purpose here on earth. Our overriding theme is ‘Why am I on earth?” Says Lilian.

Lilian is the principal of Genesis School. With the help of Kaloli, who was also in the African Children’s Choir, they run the school, teaching children how to explore things on their own. She further explains how this curriculum shapes the character of children, given that it is Scriptural based. “It has taught me that there’s no basis besides the Bible. It empowers us as teachers and also enlightens the students.”

For the last eleven years Lilian has been married to a medical specialist in treating Tuberculosis and HIV. The two have four adorable children. “I have a supportive husband,“ she adds.

We are so proud of Lilian for using the knowledge and education she gained as an African Children’s Choir member to give back to other vulnerable African children.