Meet Flavia

When eight-year-old Flavia joined the African Children’s Choir Training Academy in October this year, she knew she would be learning to sing and dance. But she didn’t realise the full extent of the opportunity. Now, seven weeks into the programme, she has a new perspective on what it has to offer.

“At the Training Academy, my life is very different,” she says. “The aunties and uncles show us so much love. They teach us how to be respectful and hardworking. They also find time to play with us, which is special because I didn’t play much before coming to the Training Academy.”

flavia_in_classFlavia is also attending school regularly for the first time, learning to speak English, sleeping in her very own bed, eating healthy meals and receiving basic medical care while at the ACC Training Academy.

“What I enjoy most about the Training Academy is getting to learn new things that I never had a chance to try, like singing and dancing with my friends,” she says. “And in school, I love literacy most because I can read and write very well now. My favourite book is The Lost Girl.”

Flavia comes from Luwero, a small town perched on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Her parents are small-scale subsistence farmers growing coffee and yams to support their family of six children. Because of their meager income, they find it difficult to cover school fees for all their children on top of other basic living expenses.

At the Training Academy, Flavia is receiving a high-quality education, which will continue all they way through university or tertiary school.


“After going on tour, I get to go to the African Children’s Choir Primary School and then to a good senior school. I can even go to university after that,” she says. “I want to be an accountant when I grow up so I can make enough money to help the poor people in my village.”

Thanks to the support of people like you, we’re able to enroll about 40 children a year in our 6-month training programme at the ACC Training Academy. This enables us to send two Choirs on tour every year, which ultimately yields thousands of pounds in scholarships for children throughout Africa.

Together, we can continue helping children like Flavia receive a quality education and achieve their dreams.