Meet Jemimah

Jemimah Nasanga is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, producer, and worship leader, cherished by a broad fan base and fellow musicians around the world. The Uganda-born artist is well-known for the love and hope that flow through her music, endlessly inspiring those living across the continent of Africa.

In 1984, Jemimah was selected to join the very first African Children’s Choir.

Travelling with the Choir not only grounded her foundation in singing but also gave her a life-changing childhood experience.

“Touring with the Choir enabled me to realise how I could use my talent to help those in need and give back to my community,” Jemimah says. “It also taught me that music is a powerful tool that I could use to transform lives.”As she progressed through school, she took on several leadership roles with the Choir which led her to realise that music was indeed her calling.

“I later joined the African Children’s Choir as a trainer. With no experience on how to deal with children, let alone teach them how to sing and dance, I was quite timid. I gradually gained experience on the road and became bolder with the arts,” Jemimah recalls. “I developed a passion for music as it moved beyond being a mere interest. I began to consider pursuing music professionally.”

Jemimah’s personal life experiences are what inspire her to write songs. Her music speaks messages of love, as well as overcoming challenges through faith in Christ.

In one of her original songs, “Love Me”, Jemimah sings about love, hope, and unity, which she believes dwell within each individual.

“I believe we all can make the world a better place if we choose to,” she says. “I have witnessed hundreds of children who have gone through Music for Life programmes who have had their dreams realised and have passionately acquired the role of ChangeMakers.”

Jemimah emphasises that she stands as a voice for the children of Africa. So far, she has released one album and has worked with various acclaimed artists including Will Smith, Joss Stone, and Bobby McFerrin.

In addition to her professional music career, Jemimah is a dedicated worship leader at her church.

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