MFL in Kivulu

We’d like to update you on what past Choir children, our ChangeMakers, are continuing to achieve in this impoverished area of Uganda…


You see them night and day in nearly every African city. They are the ravaged children, dodging between the cars, beggars, shoeshine boys, and teenage prostitutes. Millions of them live in slums and they are dying of hunger, the illness killing off the rural poor.

With no title deeds and no government schools, hospitals or services of any kind, most live in wooden shacks with mud floors, tin roofs, and no running water or proper toilets to use. The only available schools have been started by NGOS, usually the size of your sitting room, with about 50 students. Such is the condition of the place called Kivulu.

A team of five former African Children’s Choir members visit Kivulu once a week, on Fridays to bring hope, love, and healing to the children. We go with music, dance and games – what we call ‘soul food’. We teach the children life skills to aid them in coping with the environment they live in. The Bible stories we tell are purposed to bring them hope.


Since many families in this setting live on less than a pound a day, we have introduced arts and crafts work, where the children get raw material from their neighborhood and are able to make dolls, toy cars, and bead work – teaching them how to make products that could one day earn them a living.

The best part of the day for many of these children is the lunch hour. The kids enjoy a well prepared balanced diet meal during the Music for Life Centre days. The children are so grateful for this, as many can only afford one meal a day.


“Thank you Music for Life for all that you do for our children,” says the Class teacher, Miriam.

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