Music for Life Centres

Each week, Choir alumni who are now in university give back by volunteering at a local primary school where they run our Music for Life Centres. These programmes enable us to work with some of Uganda and Kenya’s neediest children through partnerships with a number of impoverished local primary schools.

Recently, 8-year-old Joshua started attending one of the primary schools we work with in Uganda. Joshua quickly became one of the programme’s most eager students, bringing an extraordinary level of enthusiasm, dedication, and joy to the class and instructors.

Upon learning that his family was struggling financially, the alumni team that runs Joshua’s programme surprised him by coming to his home to deliver food parcels. While there, they also had a chance to tell Joshua’s parents just how proud they are of his hard work and dedication.

Joshua is just one of hundreds of children in Uganda and Kenya benefitting from our Music for Life Centre programmes. Through these Centres, our alumni provide ongoing mentorship, discipleship, life-skills, a snack or meal, and music and dance training to vulnerable children in grades two and three. Those who participate in the programme have higher attendance records and increased confidence.

The programme has been so successful we hope to launch it in Rwanda soon. Thanks to the support of those who contribute monthly to our Friend of the Choir fund, we’re able to provide children like Joshua with a safe environment to learn, express creativity, and enjoy being a child.