Postcard: Choir 49

Hello from on the road with Choir 49!

We’re here to give you some snapshots of our last month of tour and boy have we got some good ones! In the previous month, we’ve managed to make our way through 5 different states! Please enjoy these highlights from a couple of them…


In California, we experienced so many fun things – the beach, Brazilian drum lessons, workshops, fun outings, and more, but by far the number one experience was Disneyland. We were absolutely blessed by the generosity of churches and host families who made this day possible for us. I could go on for pages and pages about how great it was, but I’d like to share this story, written by Joshy, instead!

From Joshy: “Once upon a time, there was a choir named Choir 49. They have never been to Disneyland! So one day, they went to Disneyland. They rode on Dumbo and the teacups! They had what we call fun. Some of them did not like fast rollercoasters. They went to Peter Pan, and some of them went to Matterhorn. They enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed. Then they went to the parade. And they got ears for Mickey and Minnie Mouse – That was the best day in their lives…”


In Nevada, we had the chance to explore the Shark Reef Aquarium. Making our way through the Aquarium was so fun to experience another part God’s cool creation as we saw sharks of all kinds, got to touch some stingrays, and see a fun window into life underwater.


In Utah, some of us had the opportunity to explore a children’s museum with our host families. It was so fun to watch the children investigate new concepts and enjoy using their imaginations with some creative play. As they played in doctor’s costumes, flew in plane simulations, learned about water movement, and built their own cars, I could see their eyes being opened to even more of the opportunities that are out there. One of the most exciting things about the tour is being able to concretely see the eyes of the children being opened to the possibilities in the world and watch them realise that big dreams are within their reach.


One of the things the children were most excited about experiencing before the tour began was snow! Before it came, there were countless prayers and excitement for the time that it would happen. Back in November, we had the chance to really enjoy some time in the snow, but it didn’t last long as we made our way to California for a bulk of the winter season. However, as we approached Wyoming, we got caught in a giant snowstorm giving the children the perfect opportunity to really revel in some time in the snow. While the storm presented some difficulties for travel and concerts, it also provided quality time together to relish in something that the children do not get to experience in Uganda.

Chaperone message

“How do you know you’ve discipled someone? How do you know you’ve actually led someone to believe and trust in the Lord? I believe it’s when you can see them bear the fruits the spirit. As chaperones, when we hear our children debating over which marvel superhero or Disney princess they could be; but choose to be David because he was a man after God’s own heart and not because he killed Goliath. The girls wanting to be Esther not because she was queen but because she was brave and obedient to God. When we hear them break out in songs of worship and using scripture to correct each other. Reminding each other “what would Jesus do?” Our hearts a filled beyond worldly treasure. We realise we’ve had the wonderful opportunity of planting seeds of faith that God will continue to water.” – Ronny, was a member of the 21st African Children’s Choir, currently on tour as a chaperone and pastor with the 49th African Children’s Choir.

Until next time!

Thanks for following along with our time on the road! It is a blessing to be living life alongside these children as they proclaim the name of Jesus, spread the joy of the Lord, and realise their incredible potential. We are all so thankful for it all!

Auntie Janelle (Tour Chaperone for Choir 49)