Postcard from the road: Choir 39

Dear Friends,

A big hello from everyone on tour with Choir 39. It has been an exciting month, full of great performances and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, we’d love to share some highlights with you from our past 4 weeks on the road.

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The Choir had the opportunity to sing to a full house at Strings Music Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with a view of the snow-covered mountains out the front door. The following morning, we were given free gondola rides to the top of the ski mountain, and were toured around by former Olympic alpine skier Billy Kidd. The Choir loved sipping their hot chocolates while watching children smaller than they zip down the ski slopes. See them singing to passing skiers below…

The children enjoyed a trip to Orlando for Samaritan’s Purse celebration of the 100 Millionth shoe box give-away for their Operation Christmas Child program, where the Choir performed with Matthew West and Michael W. Smith; and were thrilled to dine in a restaurant inside Disney World.

We loved touring around the Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs. The tour guide was an Olympic fencer (Jason Pryor) whose parents hosted Choir 40! The children saw world-famous wrestlers, swimmers in training and had a brief glimpse of the US men’s gymnastics team. It was an inspirational day for all the budding athletes in the Choir.

Choir 39 with Olympic fencer Jason Pryor

Choir 39 with Olympic fencer Jason Pryor

african children's choir

Moses climbing the rocks

An afternoon adventure to the Garden of the God’s was enjoyed by all. The children were awed by — and even had a chance to climb on — some of the incredible natural red rocks along the front range of the Rockies, in view of Pikes Peak!

Our Wednesday, April 17th concert at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist was cancelled due to a snow storm, but we were blessed to be reunited with three-time Auntie and Chaperone Karen Hughes, who was our detail coordinator for the church. Needless to say, we were well taken care of by the host families, some of whom drove an hour south to see us in concert the following Sunday!

When she first arrived in the United States, Diana (then 7) barely knew her letters. Teacher, Auntie Tori, marvelled at how amazing it was to listen to Diana read Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” out loud to herself, perfectly — a massive highlight for us all this past month!

Inspiration of the month…

After spending the last few weeks touring with the Choir, the constant wonder and innocence of the children still astounds me. Riding home with a host family following a Sunday night concert in Pueblo, Colorado, our hosts told us that they live in the country, twelve miles outside of town. Herbert (10), with eyes shining, looked at me and said, “We are going to another country?!” I grinned and told him that living in “the country” means you don’t live in the city- you live on the plains or on farm land, away from the many buildings and lights in town. Uncle Tim, looking at us through his rear-view mirror, told the boys to look behind them, and the farther we got out of town and into the countryside, the more the twinkling lights of the city shone on the distant horizon. Kendrick (also 10), turned around to look at the lights and said excitedly, “I can see red and green lights,” and they were wowed to see more and more lights as we distanced ourselves from the city and climbed into the plains.

As we drove into the darkness, I reminded them that the farther you drive from the city lights, the more you can see the star light. Stepping out of the car at our host home, we looked through patchy clouds at the Big Dipper, and the bright sheen of Jupiter, and the glow of the moon. Excitedly sharing their new-found knowledge from a unit on outer space, they recalled how the moonlight is a reflection of sunlight. I couldn’t help but stand there, watching them, and think of just how much they reflect the light of Jesus. Through their singing and dancing, yes, but mostly through their joy and unquestioning faith, the 20 Ugandan children in Choir 39 point continually towards the maker of the sun. City lights pale in comparison.

Quote of the month…

Moses thought he got a coin from the “Tooth Pharaoh.”

Photo of the month…

African Children's Choir Concert in Pueblo, CO

Concert in Pueblo, CO

As always, we have been truly blessed by the kindness and hospitality shown to us by all of our host families this month, and have learned so much from the adventures and experiences we have taken part in – not to forget the thrill of performing to some awesome crowds too!

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Until next month… Bless and be blessed,

Auntie Molly and Choir 39