IT’s today!! Sarah’s 30 mile run

SarahLAfter all the training and preparation the big day has finally arrived. Our prayers and best wishes are with Sarah Lambie as she sets out to do something that’s extraordinary – run 30 miles through the villages of rural Uganda into Kampala. And it’s for a very good cause.  Here are Sarah’s own words:

Why thirty miles?

30 miles is the approximate distance Ray Barnett, the founder of the African Children’s Choir, drove when the idea for the choir was born. While driving through the war-ravaged country of Uganda, he gave a lift to a small boy who sang with a joyful voice all the way to Kampala. Inspired, he resolved to show the world that Africa’s children were full of hope, dignity and beauty.
Since then, choirs consisting of children from Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and other countries in Africa have been performing all over the world, serving as ambassadors of light and hope and demonstrating the potential of African children to become tomorrow’s change makers.

The funds raised by the choir tours go not only towards the education of each touring child, but also to the organization’s efforts to improve children’s lives through education, music, spiritual development and other programs in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

I’ve never run this far before and I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’m determined to do this because like many of you, I believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling communities to be self-reliant.

This morning, before the run began, the total raised was an amazing $17,235.  The campaign is open until 5th October so please support Sarah and help her achieve her target of $30,000 by making a donation through her site at the following link: