Visitation Sunday

DSC_0644It was all smiles for the students at the African Children’s Choir Primary School (ACCPS) recently, as they had their visitation day from parents and former Choir chaperones.

Just like every other term, parents are granted a day during the school mid-term to visit their children, while at school. For many, they travel quite a distance to see their young ones and check on their academic performances.

DSC_0676 The day involves parents sharing a meal with their children, interacting with them and with their teachers. “I feel happy after seeing my grandson. He looks so healthy and strong. I am proud to know that he is at a good school and has better results,” says Moses’ grandmother.

Not only is it a special day for parents and the students, but also for the former Choir chaperones, as they continue to feel a close bond to the children they travelled with. Eva was the chaperone for Choir 38. This year, she has seven primary seven candidates who completed their primary level on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2015. She urged them to continue reading hard. “This may be the final journey of primary level, but do not forget that it is also the beginning of a new journey to higher education. Read hard, get the best results and join to the best schools to make your dream a reality, “ she advised. She assured them that she would continue to hold them in thought and prayers, so that they succeed in life.


This being the last visitation day for the primary seven candidates, a dedication service was held for the group by the school administration and the parents. The special day was celebrated in style as the children presented a special performance of two songs and a creative dance for their guests. The school head teacher, Mr. Masika while speaking to the parents, encouraged them to take good care of the students when they return home, just as the school administration had done. “Despite the challenges at home, I encourage you to look after our students well, and mentor them just as we have been doing,” he spoke. Right before the students were prayed for, Mr. Masika commented that God had been faithful in the past years, since the school started and that they are still believing in Him for more first grades from the current students in their final examinations.



The day came to a close, with parents, students and the school at large in boundless hope that the best was yet to come. “On behalf of the parents, I thank the ACCPS administration for the wonderful work done in our children. Thank you for raising them in discipline and for equipping them academically,” Mr. Opio concluded.