The ACC Primary School


Inspired by our Christian faith, we help Africa’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Africa tomorrow. We envision a positive long-term impact on Africa brought about by the most comprehensive, high-quality programme that develops real ChangeMakers who impact the lives of millions.

We generate hope, healing and justice for the innocent and vulnerable children of Africa caught up in the areas of conflict and crisis, to enable these children to become ChangeMakers in Africa. We do this by:

  • Promoting the beauty, dignity and unlimited ability of the African child around the world, being a voice for the millions of suffering children who cannot speak for themselves.
  • Instilling Christian principles through teaching and leading by example.
  • Providing for their well-being and quality education utilising the transformative power of music.
  • Bringing relief and development to African nations in crisis.


Quality education is rare in Uganda, yet it is agreed worldwide that an education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. The African Children’s Choir has achieved great success in its model for education, student scholarships and Choir programmes. We believe providing children with peaceful surroundings, Bible based spiritual guidance, nutritional food, loving care and a quality education is the key to redirecting and transforming lives.

Typical classroom in Africa
Typical classroom setting in a poverty stricken community

The African Children’s Choir Primary School

Children from vulnerable and impoverished backgrounds are selected into the African Children’s Choir. After completion of the initial phase of our ChangeMaker programme which includes an international choir tour, children return to the African Children’s Choir Primary School.

A child’s primary school years are an extremely important time in their development. The vision behind The African Children’s Choir Primary School is to lay a solid foundation for our children.

In 2008 ground was broken to build a new education and training centre – the African Children’s Choir Primary School™. The project has been carefully planned. The completion of the first buildings provides a functional school facility and accommodation for approximately 150 children. With Phase I of the project complete, today, the African Children’s Choir Primary School is a thriving campus where children from many touring choirs come together.

The African Children's Choir Primary School classroom
The African Children’s Choir Primary School classroom

The children enjoy low teacher-to-student ratios, have access to proper learning materials and technology and are encouraged to ask questions and pursue their dreams. In addition to the traditional Ugandan curriculum, the students develop their talents with training in music, dance, art, sports, computer studies and life skills.

Boy's Dorm
Boy’s Dorm at The African Children’s Choir Primary School

Our boarding school addresses all the needs of our students during their Primary education. Students are cared for by loving staff and receive the physical, emotional and spiritual support needed to reach their full potential.

The spiritual and character development of the students is central, the daily devotions as the students worship a highlight for many visitors. Fundamental to the ethos of the school is a sense of social responsibility and desire to share the love of Christ within the community. Student’s participate in student led outreaches and community work projects. Empowered by these experiences and the knowledge that they can make a difference graduating students continue with such projects throughout their secondary, college and adult lives.

Our children share a common experience and common goal, to be the ChangeMakers of tomorrow.

Primary 7 Graduating Class
Primary 7 Graduating Class

Students graduating from the primary school consistently achieve good results in the National Primary Leaving Exams and go on to study in some of the best secondary schools in Uganda. Their school fees continue to be covered by Music For Life. They remain in our ChangeMaker programme benefiting from a wide variety of holiday enhancement programmes designed to build on the foundation laid by the primary school in providing personal and spiritual development. Mentorship and counselling is provided by loving staff members who were once themselves members of the African Children’s Choir.

Music For Life sponsors those in the ChangeMaker programme though University/College level. Today alumni are fulfilling the motto by helping bring positive change to Africa in a wide variety of fields medicine, education, relief & development, ministry, business, law and more…

Continual Development

Developing the remainder of the primary school campus is an organisational priority and there is still much work needed to complete our vision. Additional buildings and projects are needed to enhance education, consolidate operations and build community.

The following construction efforts remain to complete the master plan:

  • Choir Training Centre dedicated to the training of new Choirs
  • Nursery School offering early childhood education
  • Landscaping designed with open spaces for play and other areas for quiet reflection or study
  • Completion of the Sports Fields
  • Dormitories to accommodate an additional 200 children
  • Administration Block
  • Dining/Assembly hall & amphitheatre meeting places for the student body and community events
  • Staff and guest housing
Master Site Plan
Master Site Plan
New Choir Training Facility Conceptual Rendering
New Choir Training Facility Conceptual Rendering

The conceptual drawing above illustrates our new Choir Training Facility. It is our next major building initiative to develop our campus and is currently scheduled for ground breaking in August of 2015. A capital campaign is currently underway to complete the funding of this centre.

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