The Story of Choir 2 – Part Two

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As everyone was accounted for on the night bus Ray sat back in his seat and let out a huge sigh of relief. He looked around at the children, they seemed so much younger than the first choir – would they be as successful? They sure seemed to be able to move people with their music.

Hours passed, and as the night bus was vacating Kisumu in Western Kenya, on Lake Victoria, commotion erupted around the driver.
Suddenly everyone was woken from their dreamy sleeps and thrown into a state of panic. Ray looked around, unsure of the situation, and saw children and adults all praying – he soon realised the bus was under attack.

Through the darkness Ray could just make out a smashed car in front of the bus, it had been robbed and vandalised. Fear struck Ray as to what had happened to the people inside, but with that fear grew the realisation that their bus had become the criminal’s next target.

Suddenly, the driver put the bus into reverse and retreated backwards into the pitch black of night. Courageously the driver steered the huge vehicle, full of fretted passengers, to safety and headed back towards Kisumu for help.

Accompanied by the police the group returned to the scene, leaving the authorities at the wreckage, the bus went onwards towards Nairobi.

A short distance passed and it was clear that the bus driver was suffering from shock. He pulled over, got out, and was sick. It had been a traumatising experience and as his courage and adrenaline wavered, shock had set in. Ray got off the bus to help the brave driver with the limited medical supplies he had. After a short spell back in the driver’s seat he succumbed to the shock and was unable to continue, a passenger took over for the rest of their journey to Nairobi.

When the group arrived Suzanne was waiting to receive them. They were six hours late, had been through an awful ordeal and had managed to gain access across a sealed border; it had been one extraordinary night. The children were taken to the fantastic home in Thika, in the middle of the coffee plantation, where they were safe at last. As with other situations in his life Ray knew his faith in God had seen them through.

The team were waiting for paperwork to be completed for the Choir to travel to Canada, which had to be arranged in Nairobi. During this time Ray would often see Sheba playing the drum on the house’s veranda, looking out towards the green plantation land, and he would be reminded of how, in that moment back at the border, their heartfelt prayers had been answered.

Choir 2

Choir 2


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