Welcome to Ray’s Voice

Many of you know Ray as ‘Daddy Ray’, the founder of The African Children’s Choir, who has helped improve the lives of many African orphans and vulnerable children. He is the CEO of Music for Life, the parent charity of The African Children’s Choir which has raised funds to help educate over 52,000 children in its 28 years. He is the gentle, warm hearted man that becomes an old friend within moments of meeting him.

But what you may not know is that Ray has been actively helping others all of his life through remarkable humanitarian work, work that has taken him around the world calling for action, campaigning and lobbying for countless amounts of people in need.

Ray has led international campaigns in support of the Siberian Seven, marching through Trafalgar Square. He has assisted fellow Christians in dire need of support, imprisoned in war torn countries for their beliefs. He has dealt with politicians and Prime Ministers around the globe as a respected voice for suffering communities, and most famously, he has shown the world the beauty, dignity and unlimited ability of the African children through the African Children’s Choir programme.

Ray’s unwavering faith in God, coupled with his relentless action, has enabled him to achieve what so many would have walked away from. But just how did a penniless young boy from Ireland manage to find his way to British Columbia, Canada and reach out to so many? How did a child suffering from a stutter go on to speak on behalf of persecuted people around the world?

On this blog, named Ray’s Voice, we will take you on a journey of discovery through the emotional, inspirational and almost unbelievable stories of Ray’s humanitarian work. From the glamorous encounters with celebrities such as Bob Geldof and Annie Lennox to the days where Ray witnessed first-hand the death and destruction caused at the hands of Idi Amin in Uganda.

We will share with you stories of the power of prayer that helped struggling Christians behind the Iron Curtain and re-live the many joyous and heart-warming tales of the Choir children – just how were the first African Children’s Choir formed? As well as telling Ray’s inspirational story.

Ray’s Voice will also feature posts about current issues that are close to Ray’s heart, his opinions, views and messages. Ray feels it is time to let the world know what he has seen, and what he has learnt, in the hope that his extraordinary experiences will inspire you to take your own action towards helping others.

“Nothing is impossible if you keep your faith in God and apply action” Ray Barnett.

Ray looks forward to sharing his encounters with you, please feel free to connect with Ray on his official Ray’s Voice Facebook and Twitter pages.