Making a Difference

Greeted with smiling faces and warm hugs, we instantly felt the warmth and care of Uganda. We were welcomed by a group of young adults who once toured with the African Children’s Choir. As we drove in, the sign caught my eye; below the familiar logo was the statement: Making a Difference. Within a matter […]

Ray’s trip to Uganda and Rwanda

Ray Barnett, Founder and CEO of Music for Life and the African Children’s Choir recently visited Uganda and Rwanda, reuniting him with past Choir members…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the African Children’s Choir! We’d like to share with you a very short home video created in Uganda with our primary school students…

The boy that inspired it all

After Idi Amin was driven out of Uganda, British journalist Dan Wooding and humanitarian Ray Barnett travelled to the broken country to research a book, which they later published, called The Ugandan Holocaust. Whilst preparing to leave the home village of the late Archbishop Janani Luwum, a place called Mucwini, a local woman ran over […]