Happy Valentine’s Day

Share LoveWe would like to offer you this special track called ‘Love’, featuring the African Children’s Choir, as our gift to you.

The track was written and performed with Price Love, a Ugandan musician and composer. She incorporates traditional local instruments into contemporary songs.

Please right click on the ‘LOVE ACC’ link below and press ‘Save link as’. This will save the track as an mp3 file on your computer for you to enjoy.


P1016607_10151684455064666_1886690895_n-650x430lease consider making a donation today. As the world shares love this Valentine’s Day there are many vulnerable children in Africa who won’t be feeling that love. They will continue with their daily struggle and hardship. Our education and relief projects are reaching out to those children. Click here to make a Valentine’s Day donation.

Thank you!

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